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Kevin R. ... St Joseph, MI

We needed a Restaurant like this in South St Joe.  I've been twice already and have had great food and service both times. It's a sitdown type of place although they do carryout as well.  The owner was there both times and always asked how my food was.  The hummus is great.   The Chicken Swarma sandwich is good and so if the Falafal.  I found the food inexpensive if you got just got a sandwich.  I think they were less than 5 dollars.   The dinners are more expensive but your getting soup/salad and sides with it.   It's opening week and the place is run like they've been in business for years.   As time goes on I expect the restaurant to simply get better.


Dr.ho H. ... St Joseph, MI


Enjoy healthy variety home made Meals,sandwitches,salads,plus fresh squeezed vegetable juices at brand new restaurant in town,sit in ,or take out,excellent srevice and caring owners.


Michael W. ...Detroit, MI


Good, fresh food. Hard to find this kind of cuisine on this side of the state. Friendly staff, nice prices. Will be back.


Martha S. ...St Joseph, MI

A nice change for St. Joseph.  Good food, particularly the stuffed grape leaves and hummus.  I hope the community supports this restaurant as we need good international options like this.


Lisa D. ...St Joseph, MI

Friendly and helpful staff.  Efficient service.  We ordered carry out and were invited to sit in the dining room while we waited for our order.  The hummus, baba ganouge, tabouli and fatoush were excellent.  We also enjoyed the grape leaves, falafil wrap, and a beef shish kabob.  Fresh food, lots of attention to detail.  I love Lebanese food and am so glad La Pita has opened in St. Joseph.  Welcome!!


Debbie C. ... St Joseph, MI

EXCELLENT.  We ate there last night with our teenage sons.  It was so good, we ate there for lunch today.  Last night, boys had schwarma sandwiches, one beef and one chicken.  Husband and I got a huge combo platter.  Everything was delicious!  Also got a kefla (?) appetizer which was really great.  Also, we tried both soups which were amazing.  The garlic butter is terrific.  Even if you don't like this kind of food, they had hamburgers, beef or chicken shish kabobs, fries, and a nice kids menu.  Also, they had lots of smoothies that looked fantastic.  We have always lived in areas with great indian and Mediterranean food and were sad when we moved to St. Joseph and there was nothing.  Now, there is La Pita.  Great Food with great prices.  The owner also came by and checked on every table and asked about the food, etc.

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